Most kids love animals. Maybe not all animals or up close and personal. Whether it is a stuffed animal or a pet, for the most part kids love animals.

In our case, animals seem to love our youngest son. There have been numerous adventures with animals! Like the morning I walked into the kitchen just as our dog knocked a shoe box off the kitchen counter. A frog fell out of the box and sat on the floor looking totally stunned. It took the dog a moment to realize the frog was a living thing. Then the fun began. The dog poked the frog. The frog jumped across the floor and the dog ran after. The dog poked the frog again, which made the frog jump all around. The dog started barking and jumping, which only caused the frog to jump more.

 What was I doing while all this was going on? Yelling, “Get this frog out of my kitchen!”

 Then there was the day that our youngest came into the kitchen asking for some crackers to feed a bird. That kind of thing makes me wonder what’s going on. So, I ask. “What bird?”

I have since learned, if you don’t want to know – don’t ask.

“I found a big black bird and I think it’s injured.”

“Why do you think it’s injured?”

“It was sitting in water and not moving.”

“Where is it now?”

“I put it in a bucket.”

Now, this I had to see. Sure enough, at the end of our driveway was a big black crow sitting in a bucket. The bird did not seem to be in distress. It was just sitting in a bucket with its feet in water waiting for our son to return with some crackers.

“How did you get that bird into the bucket?”

“I picked him up and put him in.”

“Why is there water in the bucket?”

“Because he was standing in a puddle when I found him.”

I answer. “I’m pretty sure birds don’t like being put in buckets of water.”

But I’m thinking, what do I know? There’s a crow sitting in a bucket of water. 

“Are you sure it’s injured?” I ask.

“Why else would he be sitting in water?”

“He was thirsty?” I ask.

But I’m thinking, who picks up a crow and puts it in a bucket of water? Then again, what crow let’s a person pick them up and put them in a bucket of water?

“Honey, I bet if you let the bird go he will dry off and fly away. He can’t fly if his wings are wet.”

I watched my son lift the crow out of the bucket and set him down on the dry pavement. The bird did not struggle or peck. He simply let our son lift him up and put him down. Together my son and I watched the crow slowly dry off and eventually fly away. 

“I think the water helped him get well,” my son said as he ran off to play.

“I think animals love you!” I reply.