My Ingenious Aunt

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with my Uncle’s family. My Uncle and his wife have four children, three daughters and a son, all married with children and grandchildren of their own. I was watching my Aunt interacting with her great grandchildren and observing her patience and energy. My Aunt is one of those people who never seems to be in a hurry. She appears to be ‘in the moment’ all the time. She is attentive to your needs while accomplishing ten other things and never appears rushed or hurried. I was eight years old when my Uncle and Aunt married. In all the years I have known her, I have never seen my Aunt upset or angry. I admired her calm and consistent temperament. Considering she raised four children I’m sure she had ample opportunity to be frustrated and angry over the years – but I never saw it.

An Unusual Approach

I mentioned this to my cousins. Cindy responded, “She didn’t have to.”

“Not because we were such Angels.” Danny chimed in.

“She had a secret weapon.” Sherri piped up. “When we were little and bickering, Mom would say, if you kids don’t stop, it will be a wash your hair day.”

Exceptionally Clean Hair

“Really? What did that mean?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Tammy joined the conversation. “No kid likes getting their hair washed especially with cold water!”

“Ya, but some weeks I had exceptionally clean hair!” Cindy laughed.

My Aunt happened to walk by and overheard the conversation. “It worked really well, until they learned to wash their own hair!” She laughed.