Chapter Two, Tea Party In The Garden


“Yes, dear.”

“How long have you and Jenkins been friends?”

“Goodness me, Abigale. A long time. Truth be told, we weren’t always friends.”

This surprised me. “Really? I didn’t know that.”

“You see, this was Jenkins’ home long before I decided to make it my garden. I’m sure Jenkins was not too excited about the changes I was making. At the same time, I was not excited about a rabbit in my garden. All gardeners know, rabbits love to eat young plants and can quickly destroy a garden.”

Hearing his name Jenkins’ ears began to twitch, he sat up, and licked lemonade from his teacup. Nana went on with her story.

“It was not until I installed the bird feeder next to the linden tree that Jenkins and I became friends. You see, birds are messy eaters. Weeds grow from the seeds that birds drop on the ground. To my surprise, and I must say, delight, Jenkins volunteered to eat what sprouted from the seeds before they became weeds.” Nana smiled at Jenkins who had pink lemonade dripping from his whiskers.

“We have a rabbit in our garden. He eats everything. Daddy says he wishes we had a Jenkins. He calls Jenkins a miracle.”

That made Nana smile. “Would you care for a cookie?” Nana held the cookie plate for me. I took three. One for me. One for Kathy, and one for Jenkins.


“Yes, my dear.”

“What magic have you seen in your garden?”

“Well, that is an interesting story that I think Jenkins should tell.”

I giggled. “Jenkins can’t talk, Nana.”

Nana pretended to be offended.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Jenkins talk. Of course, I am a very good listener!”

I looked at Jenkins. He was sound asleep, cookie crumbs on his whiskers. Big puffy clouds covered the sun. It was getting chilly. I climbed onto Nana’s lap. Nana smelled like the sheets hung outside to dry, fresh and clean. She wrapped a warm blanket around us.

“Take a closer look. That sly rabbit sleeps with one eye open. He doesn’t miss a thing. In fact, it was Jenkins who introduced me to the magic in my garden. I will never forget that

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