Jean Yarger has been an elementary and middle school teacher, business owner, serial entrepreneur and avid gardener. She is a wife and mother whose personal and professional life are focused on assisting and inspiring people to be their best. Her multidisciplinary experience in education, business, and parenting have taught her that people succeed when inspiration, perseverance, opportunity and talent collide.

Jean and her husband have two sons. Upon the births of their grandchildren, Jean began telling them stories about the magic of nature, the creatures in her garden, and the history of who they are. Jean discovered that grandparents are an important bridge between the past and the future and Bringing Up Nana was born.

Dedicated to inspiring the next generation, Bringing Up Nana is a resource for parents and grandparents who are looking for opportunities to create meaningful communication between the generations and a legacy for the future. As Jean puts it, “Grandparents are not born. They develop over time. Marinated in experience and love, Grandparents are responsible for living a legacy that will support their children and inspire their grandchildren”

To schedule a presentation to your organization, contact Jean at www.jean@bringingupnana



My Granddaughters Inspired Me to Publish My Stories

My Granddaughters Inspired Me to Publish My Stories

I have been inspired me to publish my stories. Where Magic Lives, the first book to be published is about discovering the magic within each of us. I wrote it because I wanted to inspire my granddaughters. But, it seems my granddaughters where the ones inspiring me! After spending months learning to use water colors and working with a writing coach I have decided it’s time to show my granddaughers that dreams can come true.