My granddaughters inspired me to publish my stories. Where Magic Lives, the first book to be published is about discovering the magic within each of us. I wrote it because I wanted to inspire my granddaughters. But, it seems my granddaughters where the ones inspiring me! After spending months learning to use water colors and working with a writing coach I have decided it’s time to show my granddaugheers that dreams can come true.

Where Magic Lives came about because I knew there would come a time when my granddaughters would discover that just like Santa, fairies aren’t real. However, I didn’t want them to stop believing in the magic that lives within each of them. The magic that inspired me to imagine, innovate, write and work to publish Where Magic Lives.  It begins with Abigail going to help her Nana in the garden.


I ran the whole way to Nana’s house. Two blocks and when I arrive, Nana is sitting in her favorite chair on the patio, drinking her morning coffee. Jenkins, the rabbit who lives in Nana’s Garden, is stretched out under her chair. Jenkins is white with a  brown strip down the middle of his back and three brown spots. One around his black nose and two around his big black eyes,which make him look like he’s wearing glasses. Nana says Jenkins is a polite English Rabbit, who enjoys a proper tea party. 

“Good morning, Abigale! It’s a beautiful day! Especially now that you are here.”

  It ends with Abigale asking, 


“Yes Abigale?”

“Is there a trick to seeing magic?”  

“Where have you been looking?” Asked Nana. “You don’t have to look very far. Magic is all around you every day. Stop looking for what you expect to see and please, please don’t look so hard!”

I laid there looking up at the stars thinking about what Nana had said when she took my hand and whispered, “Abigale, look, the fairies have arrived!”

I sat up. Small white lights were darting about in the arborvitae. One or two here, three or four over there. I was holding my breath. Were those the fairies?

Nana leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Are you inspired?  What story have you invented?  Magic is as close as your imagination. It is there – inside of you. Believe!”

Stay Tuned

To fund publication of Where Magic Lives a Kickstarter Project will be launched on Augest 1, 2021. Stay tuned for more information!