Bridging the Generations

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Excerpt From Where Magic Lives

 I giggled. “Jenkins can’t talk, Nana.”

Nana pretended to be offended.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Jenkins talk. Of course, I am a very good listener!”

I looked at Jenkins. He was sound asleep, cookie crumbs on his whiskers. Big puffy clouds covered the sun. It was getting chilly. I climbed onto Nana’s lap. Nana smelled like the sheets hung outside to dry, fresh and clean. She wrapped a warm blanket around us.

“Take a closer look. That sly rabbit sleeps with one eye open. He doesn’t miss a thing. In fact, it was Jenkins who introduced me to the magic in my garden. I will never forget that day.”

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Written for 5–12-year-old children, Where Magic Lives is about that moment when a child discovers the difference between fiction and reality. It is about the disappointment felt when the stories and fictional characters that we believed in and loved loose their mystique. We discover that there is no easy way and that each of us is responsible for keeping the magic that inspires us to use our imaginations and innovate. Creating a story or composing a song is magical!

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