Bridging the Generations

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My Granddaughters Inspired Me to Publish My Stories

I have been inspired me to publish my stories. Where Magic Lives, the first book to be published is about discovering the magic within each of us. I wrote it because I wanted to inspire my granddaughters. But, it seems my granddaughters where the ones inspiring me! After spending months learning to use water colors and working with a writing coach I have decided it’s time to show my granddaughers that dreams can come true.

Granddaughter’s Visit

Have I mentioned our granddaughters were coming for a visit? Well, the day finally arrived. Our son calls and they are just a few minutes away. My husband and I go outside to watch for them. We can see them turn the corner and watch their truck and fifth wheel pull up in front of our home. The home our son grew up in. The home where we have one week to create as many memories as possible. I say a prayer, “Please, time, slow down”.

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